New Prints Released!

New Prints Released!

I am releasing prints of two paintings, “Winter Cardinal” and “On Alert”.  These will be fine art quality giclee prints ( , have an image size of 8”x10” printed on 11”x14” acid free, 100% cotton rag watercolor paper.  I’ve received the artist proof print of “On Alert” and I have to say it is really good, I will have it at the artist’s meet and greet on January 20th

These will be hand signed and numbered with a limited printing of only 20 prints each.  The first 10 of each print run will be sold as matched pairs, meaning that print number 1 of “Winter Cardinal” will be sold with print number 1 of “On Alert” and print 2 will be sold with print 2 etc.  These will be sold for the special price of $90 for the pair.  This is only for the first ten prints of each painting.  The remaining prints from each painting will be sold individually for $50 each.  Half of the price will be due at the time of ordering ($25 per individual print, $45 per matched pair), the remainder due upon delivery of the prints.  

Ordering and Payment:  To order contact me by email ( or if we are friends on Facebook you can message me.  As for payment, I accept check, money transfer by PayPal, or of course cash if you live in the Des Moines area.  If you want a print, send me an email, we will work out a way for you to pay me.  I will be placing the print order February 15th so I need the orders and down payment by then.  These are the only hand signed and numbered giclee prints I will make of these paintings.  I may produce a lower quality print at a future time but if I choose to do this, they will be of a lower, “poster” quality print.

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